Advisory Services

Palmetto Capital assists business owners, family offices and other institutions in sourcing, evaluating, structuring, monitoring and monetizing private equity and debt investments.  Our service model is unique in that we provide non-biased, professional advice to clients who are looking to maximize their investment in private equity.  We understand that our clients are busy with their day to day lives and that, while they are intrigued with the return parameters of private equity, they often do not have the time or resources to evaluate private equity transactions or funds on their own.

Our belief is that successful investors focus on what they know and leave the rest to the experts. Private equity investing, whether directly into a company or through a fund, requires a specific skill set. Investments often require detailed due diligence on the front end since public information is typically not available. Once an investment is made, companies often require active monitoring and Board participation in order to take the company to the next level. As part of our offering, we will act as an outsourced private equity team for clients who do not have the in-house resources to execute private equity transactions. We provide customized services that range from deal sourcing to due diligence to deal monitoring/monetization and everything in between.